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What is WPA3 – How WPA3 Works

What is WPA3

WiFi Security welcomes WPA3

Wi-Fi Certified WPA3 launched a few days ago will be fully available for users this year; this magnificent network device comes with a better security and is specially designed to be a replacement for the age-long WPA2 devices which has been in the market for a remarkable 14years.
A more vigorous authentication, a significant increase in cryptographic strength for super sensitive data markets as well as a simplified WiFi security are some exciting features that WPA3 promises to add to the WiFi communication industry.
This launching also allows for more devices supporting the WiFi communication protocol to be produced. WPA3 promises to be a more secure and trusted protocol for WiFi communication.
Wi-Fi Alliance CEO Edgar Figueroa in his speech says that “In the evolving WiFi Communication industry you can only be sure of WPA3 to provide the strongest protections”, furthermore he is “WiFi security is an important area that requires only the best network devices and WPA3 leads in this area”.
A cybersecurity strategist, Nick Bilogorskiy who works at Juniper Networks in a speech said: “A serious defect was discovered in WPA2 last year and was a serious concern to the industry which therefore made WPA3 a long overdue update and fully a welcome idea”. According to Bilosgorkiy who made this known, he said: “innocent users’ devices were tricked into reusing an already-in-use key through a targeted attack on the four-way handshake of the more than a decade used WPA2 protocol”.

WPA2 vs WPA3 – Attacks on Home Nets Resisted with WPA3

One of the many flaws of WPA2 was its WiFi Protected Setup which had an insecure way of adding new devices with passwords will be replaced by a more secure Wi-Fi Device Provisioning Protocol.
As explained by a Senior Security researcher, Craig Young at Tripwire “New devices will now be added to the network with a more secure method other than entering passwords”.
Also, James Lerud, who heads the behavioral research team at Verodin said: “WPA3 will systematically improve the authentication mechanisms which will surely enable them to resist attacks”. This is because the issue of password-guessing will be completely eliminated as well as dictionary attacks.
“Each access is only valid for a particular session and if there is any interception which compromises the access then the protocol will not provide future access or further sessions except there is a re-authentication,” ” Lerud said.
“WPA3 will also make weak password selection will surely be less damaging,” he added.

WPA3 WIFI – WPA3 is 192-bit encryption

WPA3 Business and Home Essence

This magnificent WiFi communication protocol is in two distinct forms in a successful attempt to meet home and business users’ needs.
The WPA3-Personal boast of an authentication being password-based with a resilient feature than WPA2, this is most useful especially with users password is not complex enough as required.
Another very important feature is that WPA3 supports Simultaneous Authentication of Equals (SAE), this is a secure key protocol created between devices against password-guessing moves by intruders, SAE provides stronger protections and security for users.
The WPA3-Enterprise supports the equivalent of 192-bit encryption; this offers super protection for networks/connections that transmit sensitive data, this kind of feature is being used by financial and government institutions.
A program whose main objective is to reduce the interface complexity when connecting devices known as Wi-Fi Certified Easy Connect was also introduced alongside the Wi-Fi Certified WPA3 by the Alliance. While still upholding high-security standards, the feature will reduce the nerve-racking interface during device connections.
Devices with no interface can be securely added to the network by simply making use of devices such as smartphones, this will be made possible by simple scanning product quick response (QR) code and the device will be added. Wi-Fi Certified Easy Connect will surely help users cross some seemingly impossible hurdles.

Transition Time for WPA3

It may take a significant number of years before this new protocol takes a dominant role in network communication. The WPA2 has a large installed base and it will surely take a while to supplant such but it surely looks achievable. WPA3 security features are set to be incorporated by Qualcomm this summer into chipsets, they intend to commence by incorporating it into Snapdragon 845 Mobile Platform first, this is scheduled to take place this summer, this will continue to all their Wifi networking products.
There are certain issues that will hinder WPA3 from becoming a dominant feature soonest or gaining wider adoption sooner, “issues like client software and new certifications processes will surely be rewritten, also due to the WPA3’s encryption requirements many present-day routers will demand hardware upgrades”, this was made known by CEO of Gryphon, John Wu.

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