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Top 5 – SUPER Stylish Medical Alert Bracelets – UPDATED 2020

– Stylish Medical Alert Bracelets

According to a recent study, over 90 percent of people treated in emergency medical rooms had no medical history available. This is where medical alert bracelets help. People suffering from allergies or certain ongoing medical condition or those taking multiple medications can benefit greatly from wearing a medical alert bracelet.
When such people experience any medical emergency and faint or fall, becoming unconscious or panicked, a medical alert bracelet says everything about the person. It is a simple device which often communicates information about the wearer when the person cannot. Medical alert bracelets are customized or engraved to represent allergies, medical conditions or other information. They are relied upon by emergency caregivers to assess the situation and provide appropriate care instantly.
Today, there are many designs available for the medical alert bracelets to choose from. Options are many and they range from simplistic to stylish. They come in modern and stylish designs nowadays and can be customized easily to meet user requirements and be easy to identify. With the increasing number of customization and design options, Medical alert bracelets have today become more of a fashion accessory than a medical necessity. People engrave them uniquely and choose modern designs to look stylish and match their personality.
Here are the five best stylish medical alert bracelets you can find in the market.

  1. Key2Life Paracord
    This medical alert bracelet offers the best of both – style and functionality. It has a woven paracord strap and the clasp features a USB port providing a storage of up to 3.75GB. Paracord bracelets are trending today as the materials used make it a versatile survival accessory. But this bracelet looks less like a medical ID bracelet. The USD drive lets you store all the medical information and history. You can even record your health details all the time and export it to Excel or PDF. This is great for people with complex medical problems. You can use it to store other information as well, for example, a document with hotel and tour data when you travel.
  2. Elegant Medical Alert
    This brand offers medical bracelets which are functional and fashionable at the same time. You can find the greatest variety of medical bracelets here including stainless steel, leather, beaded, titanium, white and yellow gold, silver and diamond. Apart from the traditional fashion range of medical alert bracelets, Elegant Medical Alert offers ‘Design your Own’ bracelets to provide a lot of options. They even offer bracelets featuring QR codes designed to pull up an entire medical profile upon scanning. Bracelets from this brand offer enough space to include important medical information.
  3. Road iD
    One of the most popular medical alert bracelets is Road iD due to a variety of designs it offers. They come in a wide range of colors and you can choose from the nylon sports model, stretch model made of elastic silicone and the silicone elite model. All these models feature a steel faceplate which can accommodate customizable text. You can personalize these bracelets more by choosing from a number of designs for the front badge that you can change easily. These bracelets are sturdy enough to hold to daily wear and come with a six months free online service that allows linking your profile to the bracelet for more information.
  4. Lauren’s Hope
    Those looking for stylish options without having to spend much would surely find Lauren’s Hope selection impressive. They offer affordable medical alert jewelry in stylish designs. Some of the designs for women can be found adorned with strands of pearls, crystals, beads and other accents. The medical alert bracelets come with an engraved medical ID tag that you can use to engrave your personal information and medical conditions. They also offer cuff bracelets for those who don’t prefer jewelry style bands.
  5. American Medical ID
    With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, American Medical ID offers some of the best styled and most affordable bracelets in the market. They offer special designs for men, women and kids. The designs resemble jewelry piece and come in sterling silver, gold, titanium or casual material. Kid’s designs are available in attractive colors and patterns including space, dinosaurs, trains and butterflies. American Medical ID bracelets are highly fashionable and look like any traditional ornament with a small medical emblem that let responders find the medical information about the wearer.
    Engravable & Personalized Medical Alert Bracelets
    A personalized medical alert bracelet can prove to be a lifesaving device for people with allergies and medical conditions. Medical emergencies can arise anytime and anywhere. Engravable medical alert bracelets allow custom-engraving all the medical and contact information about the wearer on the medical ID tags featured on the wristbands so that the first responders can take appropriate action in any of emergency. Medical professionals often look for wrist bands to find the personal and medical information and history of the patient before giving emergency treatment. Such accessories often work wonders when you are unable to communicate for yourself.
    Custom Medical Jewelry – What You Should Know?
    Medical Alert Jewelry works the best when it reflects accurate, easy to read and comprehensive medical information about the wearer. If you suffer from multiple allergies, medical conditions or medications, it can become difficult to decide what information you should engrave. Medical alert bracelets come in a variety of shapes and sizes and accommodate different amounts of engraving. Some allow customization on the front and back while others can be engraved on any one side. You can always find information about how many characters and lines a particular model can hold.
    The most recommended information to be included on a medical alert bracelet consists of Your Name, Your Medical Conditions including allergies, disorders and syndromes, Allergy Details, Medication List and Your Emergency Contact Number. By carefully selecting what information you engrave on your bracelet, you help the first responders to provide the most appropriate and timely medical care to you in case of emergency.
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