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Throw Fireballs like Mario & Luigi! (bonus Nightwing stun baton)

Throw Fireballs like Mario & Luigi!

Ok before we go any further I need you all to promise me that you won’t go out and do this.  I mean it.  I don’t want to see any of my readers receiving a Darwin award.  Holloween is on its way so I’m going to have a few more posts with ideas like this but if you make any of this you’re doing it at your own risk.

GeekGadgetGuru is another YouTuber that I keep an eye on. Us mad engineers have to keep an eye on each other otherwise, they might take over the world before we get a chance. Am I right? Anyway, he makes tons of interesting if impracticable things this time around he decided to try and burn his hand off with some fireballs.  This could make for some interesting cosplay, not that you could take this to a con or a party but if it’s at your home do what you like(don’t do what you like).  As an Oldschool 8bit warrior, dressing up as the kuppa stomping plumbers is something I wouldn’t mind doing.  But the costumes are pretty lame.  So let’s add a little fire(Don’t add fire).

The video is pretty straight forward but it doesn’t show the fireballs until about 4 minutes in. so feel free to skip ahead if you don’t also want to learn how to make a trench lighter.

As you can see this is dangerous as hell but people fire dance so to quote Philip Defranco ” Don’t be stupid, stupid.”  If I was going to make this The first thing I would do is Make or buy a fireproof glove, something like a welding glove or fireman’s glove. Now as for the lighting system adding more fire seems unnecessary.  Why not wire in a nichrome wire and heat it like a vape unit the same way the Diy Lightsaber build I wrote about did.  Small compact and you could mount it in the palm of a glove.  Fireballs for days(no fireballs for days he’s crazy don’t listen to him). Check out his YouTube account and like his vids, if you want to see more like this.  What do you guys think?  The ultimate Holloween prop or crazy pyro toy of doom?


I wanted to give you guys something a little safer from his channel but it’s only safer if you’re on the handle side of the thing.  With that here is the Nightwing stun baton.


I said it was safer I didn’t say it was safe. Though, I bet if you put an acrylic tube around the business end it could be used as a prop.  Don’t take my word on that, though, I have no idea.  I know I want to put one in my car, though. This thing is intimidating as hell. Any thoughts or improvements?


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