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The power of an influencer hurts Snapchat

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The power of an influencer hurts Snapchat

Snapachat had a few rough years. The company has pretty big announcement trying to relax all the critics from users because of their most recent update. But now it has a new problem that has gone directly into the company’s pocket.

We all know that Snapchat is a social network for influencers and their words have a tremendous power on their followers, but also on their company stocks.

Kylie Jenner is a recognized influencer with a tremendous power, but a few days ago with a single tweet, made the company lose more than a million dollars:

Just 18 words were enough for Snap Inc., the main company of Snapchat, to lose 7.2% of their stock
value on the stock exchange. It is a total of 1.3 Millon dollars.

What did really happen?

Well, the Snapchat server had a bad time and it was down for a few minutes, but it was enough for a Jenner, who couldn’t upload her snap stories, to be mad with the application.

Also thanks to the most recent application redesign, she noticed that has fewer followers (because everyone moved to Instagram Stories, of course, these are getting better and better).

Her reaction was only natural, she was mad and expressed herself on the platform, but
she didn’t remember the power of a public figure and the result was catastrophic.

She even tried to repair it but the damage was done:

I think Snapchat needs to evolve or it will die while Instagram stories with their simple design are
growing popular as fast as they can.

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