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Spotify starts testing its own voice assistant

Spotify starts testing its own in-app voice assistant feature for a selected group of iOS users, which could be suggesting an eventual smart speaker launch

I love Spotify. Nothing is more relaxing than playing your favorite Podcast or Playlist after a hard day at work or at school. Besides, all of my friends use Spotify or have downloaded the app at least once.

Thank god Spotify keeps following the innovative path

Now, it is confirmed that Spotify has been testing its own voice assistant feature . Thanks to a serie of simple voice commands, users can give orders to play songs, search for authors and specific playlists with no manual search needed.

This new feature has been shown randomly to a few users. Of course, it is still on beta; The voice assistant button looks like an icon shaped speaker at the right bottom of the app:

It has been the company itself that has confirmed that, indeed, they are working on this new feature. Although no further details have been revealed about when it could be implemented extensively for all users.

It is for sure that Spotify is working on a new speaker of their own.

It seems Spotify wants to finally consolidate the Music business. I still consider the company is far away from Netflix level but it’s starting to walk with the right foot.

Also, the company is rumored to be working on their own smart speakers. Perhaps Apple music with their Smart loudspeakers have finally competition.

At the moment, applying Voice assistant button allow users to say commands such as, “Play my Discover Weekly,” “Show Coldplay,” or “Play Starboy.” Furthermore, users can request a specific genre of music by saying something like, “Play some upbeat pop.” Source: 9to5mac.

Why Spotify would spend the time and resources to develop its own Smart Speaker?

It’s a logical move for a company dedicated to audio streaming. Since a smart speaker is a right companion for voice assistant feature, the user can communicate naturally at home.

On the other hand, if the company does actually plan to release its own voice search tech and hardware, it would be bad news for Amazon and Google devices which already support voice control of Spotify. However, Spotify’s smart speaker could seemingly be targeted at its own users, across both iOS and Android.

Would you guys be interested in Spotify’s smart speaker? Let us know down in the comments section

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