What About the PS5 – When Is It Released: Updated 2020

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Playstation 5 Design
Playstation 5 might look like this

2020 has finally arrived, and that indicates we’re rapidly approaching the time of next-generation Super-consoles. With the Xbox One Series X set to arrive this season, many are extra curious exactly when the PlayStation 5 release date is. To help you out, we’ve put together this article which should help you better understand the PS5 release date, price, and specs.

PS5 Release Date – “Might push it a day or two” 😉

The PlayStation 5 is set to release “holiday 2020”. Now, this could mean anthing between October to December, as this is often considered the start of “holiday season.” Unfortunately, we at Addgeeks don’t have any specific dates just yet (or do we), as Sony has only revealed in the log for the PlayStation 5 to this point. However mates, we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, A Close eye indeed, so check back often for the most up to date info <– . The PS5’s bootup animations and sounds supposedly leaked on Twitter and Reddit a couple weeks back, but this has not been confirmed.

While there is no an official release date available just yet, we hope that we will see the PlayStation 5 release hit in November and not two days before christmas, as this seems to be the prime time for previous PlayStation launches. It also gives you plenty of time to get it for Christmas gifts or gather enough money to buy it, and we are sure it will be at the top of many gamers’ wishlists this holiday season.

PS5 Design?

We leave this to a youtuber with more knowledge.


PS5 Specifications – What we think we know..

PS5 Logo Reveal
PS5 Logo Reveal Picture from Playstationlifestyle <– Great source for playstation news!

We don’t know all the marvelous specs of the PS5 just yet, but Sony has been a bit more open then you might have thought about what the upcoming PS5 console has to offer. Sony revealed it will most probably contain an AMD chipset with a CPU based on the third-generation Ryzen processor plus it will support up to 8K gameplay video.

The graphics are set to be run by a custom variation of Radeon’s Navis, and will support raytracing and 3D audio!? The PS5 is set to include an SSD drive over the normal hard drives of past generations, which should be a huge leap forward for Gamers world wide, when it comes to loading times. The PlayStation 5 will also as a bonus include a physical disc-drive that will support 4K Blu-Ray discs. (Even though almost noone use them anymore.) Sony has confirmed that the PS5 will be capable of 4K visuals at 120Hz, which is amazing for a small box like that, makes me question the cooling system a bit regarding overnighters with friends, and that PS5 discs will feature 100GB of storage.

We’ll update this section with even more info when we have it.

PS5 Price – What will Playstation 5 Cost?

Short Answer. Nobody knows for sure..

When it comes to pricetags, Sony is keeping things close to the heart. No official prices has been outed, and we do not yet know if there will be different editions (ala PS4 and PS4 Pro, Slim so on..) or if things will be contained in one amazing package. The PlayStation 4 cost around $499 when it was first launched, so we expect the pricing range to be at least in this area. It is doubtfull that the price will drop lower, but we’ll just have to sit back and wait to see what Sony reveals as we get closer to the holidays. Regarding right now, we can only wait for the next set of announcements from Sony.

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