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Sony reveals PS5 Interface, faster navigation, and game loading.

Sony reveals PS5 Interface, faster navigation, and game loading.

Sony reveals PS5 Interface, faster navigation, and game loading. Source: PlayStation

If you got excited about the physical interior of the PS5, now we can see its digital interior. Sony has released a video of approximately 12 minutes in length showing how the new PS5 user interface would look like. Spoiler alert: We consider it a next-generation gaming experience!

Playstation has made a lot of emphasis on the console having a Solid State Drive (SSD), which allows switching from game to game almost immediately and turn-on the system in just a couple of seconds. 

The launch video below shows the PS5 interface in detail: “From User Dashboard to Control center, and even the Help section”.

Youtube Video: First Look at the PlayStation 5 User Experience. Author: PlayStation

PS5 Interface: A New UX Design Centered around the Player

The new Playstation UI is completely “gaming-centric player” to deliver a next-gen experience. PS5 seeks to make the gaming experience: “More fun, more personalized, and more social”.

Something to remark is that once the console is re-started from sleep mode, we can continue the game exactly where we left it. We also can create or join chat groups from the Playstation app or from PS5 and speak through a DualSense controller that has an integrated microphone, as well as options to share screen and record a video of our game sessions. When you share these images, some games may include spoiler warnings if that is the case.

A New notifications center to help you going deep in to the Game

On the other hand, PlayStation added a new section called ‘Activities’. The goal is to improve the gameplay experience through ‘cards’ showing on the Control Center screen to discover new gameplay opportunities. From returning to things that were bypassed, to going directly to specific levels or challenges to play again.

The new PS5 software has a picture-in-picture mode that will allow you to watch videos, images, and even content shared by other players directly on the screen while on your game. Source: PlayStation.

Even the games store has improved, increasing its speed since the app is integrated into the system.

Certainly, the company has been doing everything possible to bring the gameplay experience to the new generation.

However, it is important to mention that, according to PlayStation, this is only preliminary software in Beta phase, so there might be a few slight changes when the official release of the new PS5 console arrives.

Still, I can’t wait to try it.

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What do you expect from the PS5 Console? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!

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