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PlayStation launches a new hope for Virtual Reality

PlayStation VR Girl

PlayStation VR Girl

Virtual reality is a technology that will revolutionize the way we live. Of course there are different alternatives standing up the experience right now, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are the main samples, and is that the gaming industry is always the first that seeks for innovation in its products, although, from my perspective, the development of virtual reality games hasn’t reached its full potential yet (it actually will be until we can live an experience like Sword Art Online, <without the dying part, obviously> when I could say is virtual reality).

The gamer market is one of the largest and most demanding around. Each gamer is such a critic and we are pretty rough when we don’t like something enough, even inside the community itself.

I still remember when I tried the Virtual Boy: it was red, large and heavy. Once kept my Virtual Boy I could see my whole world dyed in blood (elder’s joke only), the important thing about this experience is that it was the first time I had an approach with a technology that could be classified as virtual reality back then, and I had not clue!

Virtual Boy

Play Station is another of the first consoles which I saw my girlhood spend with next to my sister while playing Final Fantasy IX, leveling my characters to 100; then the Xbox appeared and I never looked back. Gears Of War swallowed part of my brain, — yet I will always enjoy a few Final Fantasy time — Now the PSVR (Play Station Virtual Reality) is on sale and need to get one for Xmas! For now I’ll tell you about most interesting specs I found in this new PlayStation 4 gadget:

Play Station VR has been developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment and manufactured by Sony. In general, VR systems are hard to implement in games; creating an immersive world in order to make us feel like we are there for real is far from being a piece of cake, not to mention decent graphics.

Seems like Sony has done a good job this time.

Designed exclusively for the PlayStation 4 (PS4 and next Pro) platform, is able to display in both PlayStation VR headset and TV. The headset works in conjunction with either standard control DualSock 4 or PlayStation Move controls.

Let’s take a look at its specifications!

I know you were also wondering about PSVR cost. All VR systems are awesome, but quite out of my price range for now, way too expensive. Fortunately, PlayStation has listened to the community (or so it seems) launching a product cheaper than the rest on stock, then you can get a bundle from $499.

Something I like about PSVR is the main concept of recycling its old peripherals. PlayStation Move Controllers and Camera are a must for a fully immersive experience.

Certainly, the Play Station VR is a chic product for a growing market. It has clearly been launched a little bit late in comparision with its competitors, but still has the opportunity to put gamer masses by its side if Sony figures how to achieve a high scale positioning.

In my opinion, it will have a slow start but certain succes as PlayStation is not a brand known for creating substandard products, we hope to get the headset and record lets plays in order to show the full operation of this futuristic-looking gadget.

For now, I can say PlayStation has a great need to meet with this product and hopefully won’t disappoint us, however they should hurry up since we all know that Microsoft is not the type to stay with his arms crossed to enable other brands take possession of the market and the Holo Lens are already being tested in Minecraft. We must wait for an early battle of virtual reality gadgets.


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