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Nintendo Switch: The Full Power Console Turns Portable

Bethesda, Capcom, Codemasters, Konami, Warner, Ubisoft and more will be back and ready to join us everywhere through a portable console: Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has just released first NS trailer and social networks went crazy. My news feed was filled with the launching and I just could kept playing the promo, then I sitback and watch how my friends and acquaintances got quite fascinated – and so I was- by the relatively new concept of portable console managed by its creators. Put in a nut shell, the words I read the more were “I need to get one”.

Nevertheless, the lack of info about this device resulted in hilarious memes and guesses. But, why is it that people had so different reactions about the Nintendo Switch? the answer might be related with the placing of Tegra as GPU and the affirmation from the company that says the Nintendo Switch console will be in the same level as Xbox One and PS4 — which I doubt judging by the graphics of portable version shown during the video —

Of course, being the owner of Mario Bros gives you a big plus, but do not depreciate the fact that their creations always keep in essence the style of the company, therefore you can recognize a Nintendo game at first look:

Will it be as versatile and social friendly as they showed above? Unfortunately, Takashi Mochizuki, Wall Street Journal reporter, broadcasted on Twitter that Nintendo will not share more information in the remainder of the year, leaving the doors of our imagination open ultil official launching in 2017.

On the other hand, NVidia has two main challenges in the Chipset area:

  1. Developing a hardware that moves fast and smoothly between both laptop and living room worlds.
  2. Working in different energy consumption conditions: connected to the power supply with the TV or powered by batteries.

At the moment, Nvidia has 500 engineers working on both Hardware and Software of the Switch; now let’s get a little deep geeky. We really need to know everything about this hybrid console before spending our money on it. Not to mention the effort that must be done to reorganize my game center to set the new console.

What to know before you start doing that?


We should thank our friends from Ars Technica, whom took Pads reference analogs of Wii U, Xbox One and PS4 measuring 17 and 18 millimeters, and managed to have an approach to the screen.

Ars Technica approaches tell us the following:

 Nintendo Switch Dock role

The dock of the Nintendo Switch is even more misterious, all we know is the console is the tablet in itself and the dock is allowing us to connect our TV with the console, but it looks so simple. Doesn’t seem to have a kind of cables inside so bet it will have a sort of plug under the console so it can link to our television and be charged.

Although this is only my geeky sense talking, another facts and insights are:

Nintendo Switch: a hybrid between laptop and desktop console that stands out for some controls that hitch in a kind of tablet.


No, it seems that Famitsu won’t be able to speak with Nintendo on this issue and confirm that the Nintendo Switch cards will not read the Nintendo 3DS, and will not be compatible with WII U. But everything can change … remember Nintendo decided not to give more statements until next year.

But we can have compatibility with amiibo. “If Nintendo Switch game supports amiibo, then the Nintendo Switch Console will also support amiibo” said a Nintendo agent.

Here is my main problem with Nintendo, before you want to kill me, let me tell you I grew up with Nintendo, Mario and Luigi Bros were important in my life and the Super Nintendo was my first console; I still remember leaving the console on with TV screen off so my mother wouldn’t notice I only paused the game Super Mario World when she told me go to bed… those good times.

Did you think I only used to play with Barbies and girly stuff? Well, yes, but also with my SNES

Back to the subject, with such a variety of games in different consoles and platforms it is admirable that Nintendo survives with the same titles …


Let’s be honest, Nintendo does not have much range of games, almost all of them result in variants or crossovers between the same titles. So I clap it has keep up with the titles.


Well, this is a kind of difficult point. Some gamers say it will be cheaper than the Wii U. We can only wait for the price is something according to technology Nintendo Switch and meets all they offer.

For now, all that has been discussed is to possibly contain a basic pack of 299.99 USD that would contain the main console and join-coins and a bundle of 399.99 USD including the dock and the join-coin grip. But it’s still speculation.


I expect much from Nintendo Switch, I loved everything the marketing apartment sells in terms of portability. I am one of those people who like to see the world while connected to the Internet. The social friendly fact is another plus.

Finally, I can say I’ve always have enjoy promotionals which say not much and at the same time a lot. The console feels youthful and familiar, highlighting for portability, that’s a wise move for Nintendo.

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