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Michael Kors Access, The ‘all in style’ line of smartwatches.

In a world where innovation marks consumer’s lifestyle, we’re being constantly bombarded with new products that mostly were created out of nowhere or reinvented by ordinary people who at some point imagined new ways to make easier their daily lives. Thanks to that, I’ve known great products that are basically manufactured by Crowdfounding and not necessarily a brand with great trajectory in the market.

In part, this fact implicitly drives big renowned companies to fail their campaigns; the millennial generation is the most difficult market where you could ever sell at due to the fleeting attention they give to all, getting the subject of innovate or die something you live day to day. A clear example is BLOCKBUSTER in Mexico. A great movie rental company, which, when not adapt to change of large proposals as Netflix, had to close its doors forever.

But, what about big brands in the fashion world?

Leaving aside the spirit of shopaholics, today’s consumers seek for products that not only would look nice, but useful enough to be worth paying for them. Michael Kors seems to know very well the needs of the new generation and has decided not to lag behind in such a demanding industry, presenting its first collection of smartwatches known under the name of Michael Kors Access.

The main Kors method is the mixing between American functionality plus European beauty. This line is powered by Android Wear operating system for wear technology by Google, allowing it to be compatible with both Android and IOS; In addition, this version allows installing apps directly to your watch using the Google Play Store.





Fitness Tracker and Smartwatch line (Click  on the image for  complete Product Specifications).

emphasizing the above about making useful purchases, the functions of Michael Kors Access make it become a great tool from a simple accessory, and seriously analyzing what I read about product features, having social connectivity, health monitoring and linking my Smartphone within range of my wrist, it seems to be quite useful to be a $ 350 USD product. After all but not least, there’s its elegant and sophisticated design, which also suits every occasion. Here are some of the dial that I liked the most, all them available in a single smartwatch.


Its market is the right one, people who intensely love fashion and always are connected.

Finally, I can say that advertising managed to launch has also been very successful. I’m usually used to seeing my favorite models touting all sorts of things, but not technology as such. This time there were two Millennial celebrities who tried to convince me a Michael Kors Access is worthwhile.

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