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How fortnite has taken the world by storm


Developed by Epic Games, Fortnite Battle Royale is, without a doubt, Best game of 2018. Symbol of the above is that right now, it has millions of fans captivated around the world and turnign the game into a cultural phenomenon; (something that hadn’t been seen since Minecraft’s releasement).

So, What are the reasons for such as great success?

First of all, more than creating a game, we are talking about the constitution of a community. This is something that all game developers expect and try to reach on their games, which is more easy to say than to achieve. Today, I put all my time to analyze the virtues of this game in order to answer that first question threw in the title of this article. Here below I’ll show you my conclusions:

Fortnite Battle Royale turns addictive since the moment you start playing it

Of course, the game is fun and has some cool graphics but, beyond that, it’s not a simple royal battle. In fact, it combines certain characteristics from other successful games like Lol or Dota.

Those features are, for instance, the narratives. There, each player has the opportunity to explore all the characters in the game with a personalized story. It means we can unlock different aspects of the game only by trying a variety of avatars, expanding game’s own universe.

Each time we jump out of that blue bus, hundreds of narratives activate in a memorable game in which, by the way, surviving and being the #1 is the greatest feeling ever.

Ease of sharing

Fortnite is meant for different interfaces, in both Pc and Console versions, so that players can share a game through social media trhough streaming platforms, like Twitch. Seeing someone pro playing can be as fun as playing by yourself.

In fact, thousands of accounts are making let’s plays about Fortnite every day. Besides, YouTubers are a good way to keep the game on top trend; just go to YouTube and click on Popular games live then you will see someone playing the game, or even a Fortnite Event.

The childish-look-like design

The whole game is cartoonish-style. Even on the map, there are different elements that enhance the environment such as houses with open windows for shooting, farms with barns to hide, or even a small city.

These elements make this Battle Royal a pleasant experience, but without gore content, or any kind of blood or corpses, which is a great strategy. Just imagine a childish battle royal game that parents aprove to play. More players, more fans.

Intuitive and easy to learn.

Of course Epic games team did an awesome work. Game’s overview is strong with simple interfaces. This one results into a key piece of its success, since any new player without experience in any type of shooting can understand how to play in a couple of minutes.

The above says a lot about the company. Long hours of game research, game interfaces and their competition with PUBG’s. I think the goal of Epic games was to create a whole new world that could be transformed into a battle royale.

The importance of being free forever

Fortnite is a competitive battle royal. Its main competition is PUBG’s but, talking about prices, we have a clear winner. While PUBG’s is an original PC game and eventually expanded to consoles for USD $30, Fortnite is TOTALLY FREE.

And of course, Fortnite can be played on different consoles like PlayStation 4, Xbox one, Mobile and the newest Nintendo Switch.

Let’s be a little much influenced

Epic game has a master on branding an Marketing Fortnite. They know the importance of being a trending topic, that’s why they keep it by creating different events or hiring influencers aka YouTubers.

The winning formula also takes memes or topics about the real world and put those in the game like items or special weapons. Like a multi-colored llama, a meme turned into a special item.

Even top players like Ninja, Lolito FDz, TFue, TheMyth, and IDanstarr are always streaming their matches on twitch to keep the game always on top.

But without doubt, events are essencial part of the secret formula. Put 100 hundred YouTubers from all around the globe on a massive tournament and put them to stream directly on their channels. You will instantly get massive downloads.

Moreover, there was an unique type of event featured by Spain Epic games in collaboration with RubiousOMg, one of the biggest YouTubers in the platform.

These events involve the game with a social media atmosphere. For a whole day, on each youtuber’s channel and social media accounts, Fortnite was the only thing to stream and talk about, making the game the most watched live stream in the history of YouTube.

Finally, I can say Epic games brought out a gem to the world. They combined the best that the PUBG offered and turned it into a game for casual players!. You know you are BIG when you catch new players interest instead of the pioneer game which had created the genre in the first place.

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