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Build a Functional, if dangerous Lightsaber Prop.

Build a Functional, if dangerous Lightsaber Prop.

Every Geeks wet dream Is a lightsaber (or a creation from Weird science), the science just isn’t there yet and besides, I don’t think it’s the best idea to hand superheated death blades to the masses. With that, I’m about to hand you your very own flaming death wand. Well, the basic plans on how to build your own and isn’t that what any good Jedi master or sith lord would do? The only way we can get something real is for people that want it to be real to make it. First the videos.

Yep, that’s right this mad engineer made a very scary functional lightsaber. Ok well it’s not super heated plasma and it won’t cut anyone’s hand off but it is damn scary and cool as hell, in a burn your house down, don’t try this at home kind of way. Just real quick if you add a crossguard it is Kylo Rens saber. Now this guy was crazy enough to start a build series on this but it’s slow so if you want one now you will have to be able to think outside the box.

The build

Ok, he says it in the video but I’m saying it now. This thing is dangerous. Don’t Do this at home. But if you do be safe, I take no responsibility for your future Darwin award. On with the build.

So far so good. We just have to wait a while for the next video but he has shown enough in these vids to give us pretty much everything we need to replicate it. Let’s see what you can build.

Thoughts and potential Improvements.

This is a great Idea and a show stopper of a prop but it runs into some issues like that syringe system. I don’t like it because some parts are hard to get and finicky to use. Other parts just make a complicated system to fill.

Charging system

Let’s loose the butane and go with CO2 you can build the same system and charge it with a co2 bike pump. Faster and safer. It could also be set up to discharge the co2 without fear of setting yourself on fire.

The Valve system

Electric solenoid valves are much easier to get and would remove the need for a medical part that is hard to get. You could also more safely use this because you can build in an electric kill switch should you drop it. Just one of many things possible with an electronic valve.

The needle tip

This one still has me scratching my head. I thought about using a .25 3d printer nozzle but I doubt this can be replaced.


He uses a vape style setup which works well I see no reason to change that.


I wonder about using a laser or 2 in line with the flames to give a better effect or making a multi-jet system to make a more solid looking blade.


What do you guys think?

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