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Behemoths, Casual Monster OR OVERPOWERED Nightmare!?

Rights of Evolve 2.0

EVOLVE 2.0 – Behemoth = OP?

Game Overview!

LADIES and GENTLEMEN,  welcome to Team Creature Hunting Games 1.0 where we look at the games you love and complain like everyone else. Today’s game is one that comes from a very creative studio. This game comes jam-packed with 4 classes of Hunters and one, hard to capture and kill, beast.


Here we see the four classes of hunters:

Assault: “The Assault is the combat backbone of the team. They’re the ones who bring the most pain, and the ones who can soak up the most of it too. Whether it’s Markov with his Lightning Gun and Arc Mines dishing out crowd control, Hyde’s Flamethrower and Minigun dealing sustained heavy damage, or Parnell self-destructively attacking with his Multifire Rocket Launcher and Combat Shotgun, the Assault in charge of outputting the sheerest damage. And with their standard issue Personal Shields, you can trust them to stay up long enough to do just that.” (Assault Class Description)


Trapper: “The Trapper’s role is twofold – Find where the Monster is, and then make it stay there as long as possible. Each of them is equipped for these two roles – Maggie has her loyal trap-jaw Daisy to help her follow the monster’s tracks and harpoon traps for area denial, Griffin uses Sound Spikes to be able to locate the monster and his Harpoon Gun for keeping the monster in place, and Abe employs Tracking Darts to track the monster and its food and Stasis Grenades to slow the monster to a crawl. Any Tracker worth his space-salt knows how to use his tools and wits to track down the Monster quickly and how to make sure the rest of his team is able to take it down. All Trappers have the Mobile Arena to help them with exactly that.” (Trapper Class Description)

Medic: “The Medic is is the lifeline of every team. Without a Medic, most encounters with the monster would be a lot shorter and a lot more final. But that’s why they’re here -Val, with her steadily healing Med-gun and disabling Tranquilizer Gun, Lazarus with his Personal Cloak and powerful Lazarus Device, and Caira’s multi-functional Grenade Launcher and Acceleration Field, are all on the field to make sure the team is able to stay in the fight long after they should have gone down. Though the Medics are all able to contribute significantly to combat as well, their main role in life is making sure that their teammates stay alive, and for this, their Healing Burst only sweetens the deal.” (Medic Class Description)

Support: “The Support class is generally the most versatile class in terms of what they can bring to the field. The Assaults are all primarily damage dealers and tanks, the Medics are all healers at heart, and Trappers are all about finding and pinning down the monster. The Supports, however, are more varied in what exactly they provide. Whether it’s Hank’s protective abilities and area denial,Bucket’s admirable firepower, and vision potential, or Cabot’s damage amplification and improved tracking capability, a Support is a valuable member of the team no matter the composition, and many situations can be turned around with proper usage of their abilities. All Supports have the Shield Burst ability.” (Support Class Description)


I won’t go into a ton of detail on all the creatures, but here’s a brief explanation of how they work.

Monsters: Monsters roam around the arena, eating any animals they can find for food. The creatures job is to power up as much as it can, by eating said creatures, and if possible reach Power Level 3. Reaching Power Level 3 enables the monster to use its best abilities and this is when it is the strongest. Hunters want to kill off the Monster before it reaches this level at ALL COSTS. The monster we are looking at today is quite beastly in nature and OVERPOWERED in skill.

BEHEMOTH: “Behemoth is a ginormous rolling juggernaut, peering down on enemies through molten eyes.
A brawler at heart, he makes up for his slow speed with pure brute strength. If he does not crush you to death,
his lava bomb will melt you alive.” (Behemoth Monster Description)


This Behemoth is the BIGGEST, BADDEST monster that Evolve 2.0 has to offer! Its abilities are as follows,

1) Lava Bomb – Damage: High – Lava Bomb is a charge up long range attack, that covers an area with burning cinders.

2) Tongue Grab – Damage: Low – Tongue Grab wraps around a distant target and pulls it to Behemoth’s location.

3) Fissure – Damage: High – Behemoth smashes his hands on the ground, creating a fissure that travels over terrain, scalding and launching anything in its path.

4) Rock Wall – Damage: Low – Rock Wall creates a huge barrier, trapping a target to be pounced, or shielding the monster from damage.

All these things compiled, with many opinions given, just go to show how some creatures can be unbalanced. Many Evolve gamers are asking for the Behemoth to be NERFED, and for good reason.

Nerfing – In video gaming, a nerf is a change to a game that makes something less effective or less desirable. The opposite of nerf is buff or revamp.

Here is a video of a player displaying the gameplay of a Behemoth, RAMPAGING and wrecking opponents. I cannot promise that this video is completely family friendly, but from what I saw it is alright. This video will display at least a few things that the Behemoth can do.

ALL CREDIT TO: RustyReviewsGaming on YouTube for this video!

Now you know why we want this thing nerfed, it’s just TOO POWERFUL. There is NO balance in games with the Behemoths. Even higher level Hunters cannot fight well against the Behemoth at a lower level, much less their own.

Thanks for reading! And as always, I’ll catch you on the flip side!

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