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5 Home Office Essentials to get this 2020

top 5 Home Office Essentials to get

Find and buy these Home Office Essentials for this 2020

What do I need to be a successful remote worker?

Comfort is the key. You’re going to need a few essentials from ergonomic chairs to tiny paper clips. But for now, let’s focus on the basics: Top 5 Home office essentials for this 2020.

Quick 1-to-5 Home Office Essentials to should already own

1.- Standup Desk – Flexispot (Adjustable)

Flexispot electric desk

This choice is vital. In every efficient setup to work from home, desks are. We need a strong, reliable, and wide desk. Electrical Desks are my favorite. Yes, we can have a manual handle for a low price, but I NEED the full comfortable experience and a manual adjustable standing desk is not giving it.

Besides, the health risks of sitting for too long are no joke. Therefore, a standing desk is a much healthier alternative.

So, for me, the Flexispot electric desk is one of the best to do Home Office. You can even get a customized order at a good price. Check the official link to buy it. 

2.- Ergonomic Chair

Ergonomic chair to do Home Office

Your desk chair is even more important than your desk. Many office chairs don’t offer the necessary support for your back. Plus, keeping the right pose during hours is indispensable for your health.

Ergonomic chairs are designed with these points in mind. Their designs are more elaborated than a simple office chair. That’s the reason why Ergonomic chairs give more support to the “weak areas” of the human back. 

Before buying an office chair, you should do your own research. Everyone has different weakness areas so chairs fit differently on people.

3.-  Laptop Stand

Laptop stand

Another posture problem is caused by using a laptop without a stand. This will give you neck and shoulder ache and the longer this goes on, the more constricted the muscles become.

That’s why a laptop stand is needed. It solves the problem by lifting up the laptop screen closest to your eye level. Laptop Stand protects you from hunching forward and keeps you in a healthier, upright position.

4.- Monitor

Curved monitor to deal with Home Office

Having a secondary screen next to your laptop allows you to organize your tabs and programs better. Monitors can drastically improve your productivity and save you time in your workday.

When we have to work with multiple programs and screens simultaneously, constantly switching between them can become tiresome, confusing, and leading to mistakes.

6.- Keyboard & Mouse

Ergonomic vertical Mouse

Whether you’re using a laptop and a laptop stand or a desktop setup, you’re going to need to invest in a good mouse and keyboard to tell your computer what to do during Home Office. 

As you can imagine, there’s plenty of brands and models to choose from.  Ergonomics, Wireless even Flexible options. 

The 3 keys to choose the right combo of mouse and keyboards are ergonomics, angle, and curvature. You want to make sure your wrists are not stuck in a position that causes strain while typing. Mechanical Keyboards are good options and ergonomics mouses too.

Ergonomic Keyboard to use during Home Office

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